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If the Shoe Fits…

Whether you're walking or running for fitness, getting ready to hike the Appalachian Trail, run a 5K marathon, or trying out for your track, field, tennis or swim team, we've got you covered from head to toe!


Hiking & Trail Shoes

Tennis Shoes


**We now sell the Aetrex and Drew shoe line for diabetics (walking and dress). We will fit you, but must order the correct fit shoe for you. Delivery time is about 3-5 days. And, please don't buy a diabetic shoe without a diabetic sock.


Sof Sole®, Aetrex, Hapad®, Arch Molds®, Medi-Dyne, Tuli's


Our store not only carries shoes, but also a wide selection of orthotics that can be used to address biomechanical issues such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tendinitis of the ankles, knees or hips. From ¾ to full length, these inserts can also be used to improve the comfort of your present shoes. For example, the Sof Sole "Athlete" can be used to improve cushioning in your existing shoes. We have a large variety of orthotics and cushions to accommodate the shoe you already wear. Let our Staff help you exercise or work in comfort for less than $50.00 or as little as $19.95. No charge to assess your foot problems.

We can also refer you to orthotists and podiatrists who will aid those of you with more difficult or serious foot problems.



Asics®, Brooks®, Saucony®, Moving Comfort®, Under Armour

Our running apparel is chosen for comfort and performance for men and women on the go! At 9th Street, function and fashion must become one ; Moving Comfort's motto is: "A fit woman is a powerful woman." You name it and Moving Comfort has it for the active woman. They have great tees, running and walking shorts, capris and full length pants, tights, waterproof jackets and pants, yoga attire, tank tops and bras in A, B, C, D, and DD cups. Under Armour offers tees and shorts from Small to 3X in technical fabrics for men.

We carry both men's and women's apparel in the Asics, Brooks and Saucony lines. Each is competitive in running and walking apparel and the fit, the fabric, and the fashion will be just right for you. Come on in and try it on!

Running Accessories

Freestyle®, Cardiosport, New Balance, Optic Nerve Sun Glasses

Everyone who exercises strenuously or runs for an extended period of time needs a source of pure energy and maximum recovery. Our selection of energy or nutrition products will provide that. Come in and see our display and read about the advantages of "a shot of extra energy."

NutritionAccel Gel, Gu, Cliff Bar (Shot Blocks), Gu (Gel and Chomps), Sport Beans

Watches, Pedometers, Sun Glasses


Freestyle®, Cardiosport, Implus, New Balance, Optic Nerve Sun Glasses

Being active is easier when you can see improvement in your performance. We have Freestyle watches and pedometers to monitor and record your daily, weekly, etc., progress in fitness and exercise programs as well as products from New Balance - the New Balance N4, N5, N9 heart rate monitors as well as your traditional pedometer, and the Via Slim pedometer. We carry several styles of Optic Nerve Sun Glasses including the interchangeable lenses.

Swimwear and Aquatic Gear


Speedo®, Sprint, Tyr, Ryder, View®, Water Gear®

We have a competitive swimwear line year-round for men, women, and kids. We offer a large inventory of Tyr and Speedo racing, moderate and conservative suits for the young female (size 22-40) and for the full figured woman (size 8, 10, 12 to 24) and a large inventory of racing (size 24 to 38) and boxer type suits (size M, Lg, XL) for men and boys.

Speedo, Tyr, and View goggles (over fifty styles), View prescription goggles, water runner buoyancy belts, neoprene force gloves, swim fins, ear plugs, putty, nose clips, and shampoo. We have Speedo, Rider, and Water Gear water shoes.



Thorlo®, Runique®, Asics, Aetrex, Brooks, Diabetic Care

We are the national focus store for Thorlo, Inc. (running, walking, light running, light walking, cross training, hiking, light hiking, light running coolmax, basketball, etc.). Thorlo is the original padded sock--great for plantar ficiitis. We have all the styles for walking, running, tennis, etc. Now, Thorlo has added a new style to their inventory, a thinner/lighter version called the Experia, which is super for moisture management and comes in several striking colors. This sock is available in a wool/silk blend for those of you who still demand a wool sock.

Ankle, mini-crew and crew — we have them all in the AA-R Runique line. These are the original double layer athletic and dress socks (blister proof) and are especially recommended for diabetics. These are available in white, black, brown, and navy. (Brown and Navy are only available in crew lengths.)

Additionally, we carry the Aetrex diabetic line sewn with a copper thread to help promote blood flow. This sock is a non-binding one and the toe seam is on the outside to prevent friction (blisters). These socks come in mini-crew and crew in black and white. The best part is you don't have to be a diabetic to wear them. The Diabetic Care sock features silver technology which reduces growth of odor causing bacteria. They have a loose ankle fit which accommodates swelling; they come in tan, white and black in both anklet and crew length.

Asics and Brooks 3-pack Coolmax socks are a great buy for $9.95.

Sports Medicine Products

Sports Medicine

Axis® (Ankle stabilizers)

Mueller® (Back supports, thigh sleeves, wraparound knee braces, multi-use wraps)

Pro Tec® (A dominant leader in athletic rehab support devices. Including supports for the elbow, knee, shin, ankle, wrist and cold therapy products.)

Strassburg Sock (An easily adjustable night sock that consists of a two strap system that keeps the foot in a stretched position. This promotes the healing of Plantar Fasciitis)

Wrapz (Hot and Cold therapeutic products)

Team Sports

Adidas®, Asics®, Brooks®, Eagle, Hind, Holloway, Speedo®, Tyr

Our team members are specialized in the Team Sports Equipment program. They service our middle and upper schools' accounts with individual attention.

For example, during the spring track or tennis season, these employees will visit the schools, meet with the runners and the coaches, screen each athlete for any abnormalities and then place each in the appropriate shoe. If an orthotic or cushion is required, we can fit the appropriate orthotic in your shoe for running, basketball, or volleyball as well as soccer, football, baseball, track or lacrosse cleats. This personal approach reduces serious foot injury — one of the leading factors why our business has been so successful!

We also cover your team apparel needs! Once we have sizes, we order uniforms and embroider or screen print any design or logo you desire. Almost any sports uniform may be ordered and personalized.

  • Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Track, Volleyball, or Wrestling uniforms.
  • Choir or band warm-ups.
  • Cheerleading uniforms and camp wear.
  • Jerseys or tees of any description.
  • Swim suits and custom team caps.
  • Team Duffle Bags.